Why Use Our Service?

ask-a-medical-question.com offers the unique ability to obtain the professional knowledge and experience of certified physicians from across the country. With the largest Medical Advisory Board actively online, ask-a-medical-question.com offers over 160 different medical specialties to direct your questions; thereby, ensuring the highest degree of expertise when answering your inquiries. All questions receive 3 separate answers from our Medical Board providing a more complete answer than other services that simply offer a general practitioner’s singular opinion.

What makes our service different?

ask-a-medical-question.com does not give you a link to previously asked questions, nor does it advocate a doctor’s practice or clinic, but rather ask-a-medical-question.com provides you three answers from three doctors who email you their opinions directly. Moreover, with thousands of certified physicians nationwide, our response to inquiries average under an hour; however, we ask 48 hours to ensure sufficiency of our response.

Who answers my questions?

Each Medical Advisory Member is pre-screened and qualified by our Medical Board. The current Director of our Medical Advisory Board is Dr. Murray Sheldon, a nationally renowned cardiac-thoracic surgeon. We retain on file each doctors Curriculum Vitae and qualifications on file; listing their education, practice, specialty, published works, symposiums, lectures, etc. All of our Medical doctors are members in good standing with their state licensing authority. In the instance of a medical specialty that does not require a medical degree, such as acupuncture or chiropractice, verification of education, years in practice, required licensing, and other qualifications are required to join our Medical Advisory Board (these specialties are provided to offer information alternatives within the area of health care).

How much does it cost?

Generally speaking, our service costs less than the average co-payment when you visit a doctor. For $19.95 we provide three doctor opinions instead of one, in the privacy of your home with prompt, reliable and professional service. This fee is apportioned to the three physicians, the maintenance of the Medical Board, and the administrative expenses to maintain and develop this knowledge-based information technology.

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