Happy December Ladies!!!!!

“Every since I took out my box-braids down, I’ve been rocking these huge buns (LOVE IT!!) Right now I feel like the bigger the better. I know I told you all in my previous post that I would be re-installing my braids or twist and I had every intention to do so, however the hubby wanted to see  me without braids or my u-part for a few weeks (lol), of course to him I’m beautiful no matter how I wear my hair. What can I say. I was on the braids, twists and u-part wigs bandwagon for months. Now I’m giving it a rest for a second only for the hubby=)

”       When will I re-install my twist or braids? Definitely after the holidays. So back to this jumbo bun, with out using a donut bun it’s all me! I’m currently nine weeks post relaxer/telax 
  I co washed using Vo5 moisture milk, air dried, moisturized and sealed and styled! Click this link to see how I do my buns using a donut. “


                                                                       Until Next Time
                                                                           ~ Kendra

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