Somanabolic muscle maximizer

One of the key features of Kyle Leon’s muscle building course, the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer, is the idea that when trying to build muscle, your body type plays an extremely crucial role in how you will build muscle personally. There are tons of muscle building courses online, but all of them take a “one size fits all” approach to building mass. This could not be more wrong in my opinion because everyone is different. Different strategies apply when it comes to nutrition and working out and must be implemented differently according to one’s body type.

Below I will briefly discuss the 5 body types. You can read more about the specific types of training and nutrition that one needs to follow for each one in Kyle’s muscle building program.

Somanabolic Ectomorph Body Type

Kyle Leon describes the ectomorph body type as one that consists of a flat chest, small shoulders and a delicate frame accompanied by a bone structure of the same characteristics. Individuals with this body type have very fast metabolisms which makes it very difficult for them to gain weight.

Somanabolic Mesomorph Body Type

People with this body type possess large muscles and have a natural athletic body that is complemented with a huge bone structure. They can gain weight easily and lose it with the same ease. They’re also predisposed to gain fat more easily than their ectomorph counterparts. This can pose a problem as far as their calorie intake is concerned.

Somanabolic Endomorphs Body Type

Endomorphic individuals possess short stocky frames with thick limbs. They have strong muscles particularly in their upper legs which makes them very strong in leg exercises. They can gain fat with ease due to their slow metabolism but have great difficulty burning it out due to their metabolism which, sometimes, may require them to use supplements.

Somanabolic Ecto mesomorph Body Type

Kyle describes ecto-mesomorphs as people with dominant ectomorph qualities and a few mesomorph traits. Unlike the ectomorph, their metabolism is relatively fast and they have a defined chest, though flat. According to the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer, they should participate in short workouts that primarily focus on big muscle groups. Supplements are also highly encouraged to build mass.

Somanabolic Meso ectomorph Body Type

They possess dominant mesomorph traits with some ectomorph qualities. They can gain and lose weight with relative ease but, compared to mesomorphs experience more difficulty gaining muscle. They possess an athletic, medium sized frame will well defined muscles and have average strength. They can gain fat much more easily than ectomorphs, a factor that requires them to implement an exercise combination of cardio and strength training to build muscle.

Somanabolic Meso endomorphs Body Type

They possess dominant mesomorphic traits as well as well as some endomorphic qualities. Physical characteristics include huge athletic bodies, broad shoulders and well defined muscles. Their bodies are very sensitive to carbohydrates which make it very easy to gain muscle. They can also gain fat more easily than mesomorphs and lose it much quicker than endomorphs.

All these body types are described in depth in Kyle Leon’s Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer program as well as the training techniques and nutrition that one needs to follow. You can also read more about the endo-mesomorph body type which we’ve left out in his training program.

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