Vitalean better than metabolife

Vitlean, Better Than Metabolife At Half The PriceWe’ve all been there.
Tired, hungry and sluggish from dieting poorly.
Giving up before we have reached our weight loss
goals. Starting to believe there is no hope. But
now there is hope! And your fat loss dreams can
come true with Vitalean, by Somatropics, Inc.

Unlike many diet
products on the market today, Vitalean is the
right blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs to
give you the results you’ve been waiting for.
Compare Vitalean to popular products like
Metabolife356 �. You’ll see a huge difference,
not just in price (Metabolife356� $49.95
vs. Vitalean $20.95)
, but also in the
ingredients. With Metabolife �, you are paying
more for less. Vitalean contains the same formula
as Metabolife, with the addition of three other
important nutrients that Metabolife forgot. These
are calcium, iron and sodium.

These three
nutrients, plus vitamin E, magnesium, zinc and
chromium all work synergistically to give your
body the nutrients it needs, while also protecting

Somatropics created
Vitalean’s blend, to aid the metabolism and create
a thermogenic reaction. This helps the body to
burn fat without losing lean muscle tissue.
Vitalean will also give you a higher level of




Vitalean, 90 capsules


Chromium:This trace mineral
is becoming very well known. As a cofactor to
insulin, this nutrient can aid in reducing
cravings for sugar through out the day.

Bee Pollen Powder: Bee pollen has a
tremendous amount of nutritious value for the
body. This food of nature is packed full of
vitamins, minerals and amino acids. When bee
pollen is accompanied with a sensible diet, it
acts as a great aid to weight maintenance.

Royal Jelly: Rich in pantothenic acid (part
of the vitamin B complex), essential for many
metabolic processes. Also, well known for
enhancing the metabolism and increasing energy.

Ginger Root Powder: This plant acts as a
warming agent, bringing relief to digestion.
Aiding in stomachache, gas, flatulence and

Goldenseal: Goldenseal is a great aid in
inflammation of the digestion system and mucous
membranes. Plus, goldenseal extracts have been
shown to lower blood sugar levels.

Lecithin: An important contributor to
reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease by
providing cholesterol-lowering poly-unsaturated
fats. Lecithin is also known for aiding increased
energy levels and help in the digestion of fat.

Nettles: This wild growing plant, has been
used as a tonic for the entire body because it has
such a high content of nutrients. Nettles also
works very well as a mild diuretic, helping rid
the body of excess water and toxins.

Siberian Ginseng: This Chinese wonder herb,
has been used for thousands of years as an energy
tonic both mentally and physically. Many athletes
use it claiming it gives them peak physical
performance, while millions of others use it for
its stimulant effect on the mind.

Spirulina: This blue-green algae is an
amazing source of protein. It has been well known
for its aid in weight loss and energy, while also
acting as a blood purifier.

Damiana: This plant holds many medicinal
uses, such as promoting digestion, aiding in
cleansing of the kidneys and liver with its
diuretic properties and also acting as an

Sarsaparilla: With its diuretic properties,
this plant acts as an amazing blood purifier for
cleansing the entire system. Also, sarsaparilla is
used for digestive disturbances as well as for the
liver and kidneys. Along with its medicinal uses,
it also contains a very high content of vitamins
and minerals. Giving your body nutritional

Guarana: Has long been promoted by the
Health Food Industry as a weight reduction aid.
The natural occurring caffeine in guarana, is what
gives you an energizing boost as well as an
appetite suppressant.

Go Tu Kola: Is well known for rebuilding
energy reserves, combating stress, increasing
mental and physical power and protecting the body
against toxins.

Ephedra: This well trusted herb has been
being used for over 5,000 years. Originally used
as an aid in respiratory function, it is now seen
as a great aid for weight loss and energy.�


Facts For Vitalean

Size: 1-2 Caplets
Servings Per Container: 45-90

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