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August 23, 2005

Maximizing sales time

Three “take a risk” thoughts:

1. If you had a chauffer (part time) how much more effective could you be? Could you leverage that $20-30,000 expense into 00,000? That doesn’t incldue stress reduction. In the back seat you’d complete apps, contact clients/potential clients by email or phone, transcribe, create and more. An agent who did it enjoyed the best year of his lie, both personally and professionally.

2. Face to face is much better than just talking on the phone. Why not invest $5000 and provide vision phones to your best 20 clients? ($499 for each two phones) That prevents multi-tasking by both you and your clients/potential clients on the other end. That means concentrating on the phone call, not checking email eetc. Of course, you might accomplish the same with web cam’s. Have you tried it?

3. When your production equals $300,000-400,000 revenue, is it time to hire an assistant? It’s a person to follow up from the first appointment until you’re hired as the broker of choice? It’s a person who may deliver select renewals. It’s someone who may visit the account to gather additional information.

It’s much different than an account manager. Draw the process to see how an assistant can help.

These three strategies are real life strategies. All were paid for by the producer as an investment in themselves. All prospered. Which one is best for you to experiment in first?

Posted by Preston at August 23, 2005 11:39 AM

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