Why You Shouldn't Worry About Prostate Vitamins

Perhaps prostate cancer has never occurred to you, even though you’re in the right age demographic. On the other hand, perhaps you are one of the growing number of men who take prostate vitamins by the handful ” anything rather than see your family doctor for that dreaded examination. Either way, you might want to check the internet ” but be prepared for surprising contradictions about the benefits of vitamins as a cancer preventive.

And then again, perhaps your eye will be caught by lurid headlines claiming studies have proven prostate vitamins actually cause cancer.

Which version should you trust?

Well, a little further research into the the National Cancer Institutes 2006-2007 actual study should reassure you that the media may have been doing what they do best all too often – scaremongering for the sake of a good story. A closer look at the actual study indicates there was only an increase in aggressive cancer noted when the subjects regularly took prostate vitamins in excess of the recommended dosage. Of the 1,476 men who developed cancer requiring aggressive treatment during the study, the 12% fatality rate proved to be one third higher than among the group who stuck religiously to the recommended vitamin dosage.

Beware Unexpected Side Effects

Study instigator Karla Lawson admits that the relationship between heavy vitamin dosing and the increase in advanced prostate cancer remains unclear. However, other sources speculate the super-doses feed pre-existing tumors. Lawson does add the proviso that simple early cases of prostate cancer do not appear to be linked to the use of prostate vitamins. She went on to warn that problems apparently occurred only when vitamins were used to excess.

If you fear prostate cancer, either because of your age and symptoms, or perhaps because of a family history, you may be tempted to take massive (or even as little as double) doses of prostate vitamins as a ‘preventive’ measure. Lawsons results strongly suggest this may not be wise.

Those most likely to use high amounts of vitamins and multivitamins fall into two groups: men whose families show a history of prostate cancer, and men who are proactively health-conscious. The study leaves both groups with a clear warning.

Lets look at the accepted ways of maintaining health as we grow older. Nothing new and exciting here, and some healthy habits may have no effect at all whether or not you are one of the unlucky people who develop cancer ” but one habit you should stick to at all costs!

# Eat the optimum diet for your health conditions. Guidelines are easy enough to research, these days.

* Even if its only a walk in the morning and some simple stretches, make sure you regularly participate in some form of exercise

# Get lots of rest

* Develop the habit of choosing a optimistic, positive outlook

# Take whatever prostate vitamins your doctor recommends (but never in a dose exceeding the recommended maximum – not even by a single pill.)

* Finally, the only proven cancer-preventive habit ” don’t miss those regular checkups with your family doctor!

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