How To Eat All Natural Food

Recently I’ve been thinking about my diet. I’ve moved away from the Jif peanut butter to the all natural foods. I’ve stopped eating so many cold cuts. And I’ve started eating more vegetables. Green foods are surprisingly hard to eat. Sure I eat one serving at dinner, broccoli or green beans. But I don’t think lettuce on hamburgers counts. Iron especially is good for you and I think my diet is deficient in it. Sometimes I have chest pain and dizziness and I did some online research and found that anemia is a condition with those very symptoms. So I’ve been trying to eat more dried fruit, such as prunes and raisins, and dark, leafy greens, such as collards and spinach. Beans and lentils are also full of it and are especially tasty to someone who has recently come over to healthy eating (beans are in one of my favorite foods I used to eat: burritos). My mom taught me how to make a lentil soup. And I’ve heard that when you eat more Vitamin C, your body better absorbs the iron.

Why not start taking a multivitamin and continue eating like a pig, you may ask. Well besides having a thousand percent Vitamin C many multivitamins also have a hefty load of folic acid. And studies show that folic acid, when taken in large amounts, can lead to colon polyps, signs of colorectal cancer, as well as breast cancer for all the ladies out there. If anything I’d start taking a Vitamin D supplement, because that Vitamin is hard to find in foods and too much sun (especially for my fair skin) can lead to skin cancer.

Overall, a new diet is more than a scheme to lose weight. It’s a major lifestyle change. Now whenever I go out to dinner, instead of looking for what will fill me up the most or what I’d be least likely to cook at home, I choose the meal that’s most delicious and healthiest. I know how much sodium and fat is in most restaurant meals, which is why I largely eat at home. I want to live longer, be happier and feel better. Eating right makes me feel skinnier and that gives me confidence to do things I never would have thought of before.

Try it yourself. Eat an apple and a banana or orange every day. Get rid of the McDonald’s in your diet. Stop drinking so much soda. Start eating those all natural foods and see the difference.

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