Leukemia – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Medication

What are the causes of Leukemia?

Let us understand some basic medical definitions before going for Leukemia. Leukemia is also known as CLL which is one of the types of Leukemia. CLL is the abbreviation for Chronic Lymphoctic Leukemia. Chronic is a term which means a disease lasting for a long time almost the life time. The lymphocyte is a leukocyte or WBC ( white blood corpuscle ) found in the Lymphatic systems.

Causes of Leukemia Mutation of Genes : The genes can be damaged which severely affect the growth and development of blood cells. There is no data available about how the genes get damaged. So anyone can get Leukemia and there are no preventive measures available to avoid Genes damage.Some facts to know about Leukemia: There is no such strong evidence that gives us the clear picture about what can cause Leukemia. It is not inherited by the children of Leukemia patients. Even pregnant women who are suffering from Leukemia, give birth to normal babies. It is not contagious which means it does not spread by touching.Hence it remains a mystery when it comes to causes of Leukemia. But genetic and environmental factors can lead to Leukemia.Symptoms of Leukemia:Low fever, chills.Sweating.Fatigue on a normal basis – Feeling of weakness and tiredness.Anemia due to increase in WBCs.Recurrent Infections.Low Appetite or sudden weight loss.Diagnosis of Leukemia:Examining the Blood Report: Blood is formed of three parts- RBCs, WBCs and platelets. To find out whether a patient has Leukemia then examining the blood report would clarify it. People with Leukemia have WBCs in large amount and reduced number of RBCs and platelets.Bone Marrow test: Even if the blood report suggests Leukemia, doctors are uncertain about the condition. So they perform a bone marrow test to confirm the condition. This is done by using a small bone marrow from a breastbone and a hip bone. The Bone Marrow is then examined for abnormalities.Leukemia Treatment :

The treatment involves Leukemia medication. Generic Gleevec (IMATINIB) is a medicine used in Leukemia.Generic Name : Imatinib Brand Name : GleevecGleevec inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Infact, it acts on the cancer cells once it enters the system. It is especially used in the CML type of Leukemia. CML means Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. Precautions to be taken before you have Generic Gleevec or Imatinib:Should not be taken if pregnantUndergo a detailed examination before you start with GleevecNever miss a dose and always have the medication with lot of waterMake sure you have lots of water Like all other conditions, leukemia can also be treated. So don’t worry about how long will you suffer from the condition. Everything is possible in today’s E-World of medication.

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