Things Only Your Dentist Could Tell You

Many people avoid going to dentists as they feel the whole process is uncomfortable and unnecessary. This is a huge miss judgement, as a dentist can tell a patient things about their health that their general doctor cannot. A dentist is trained to understand the signs shown in ones mouth that reveal information about their health. The things only your dentist could tell you might just save your life.

Dentists can pick up their patients health problems by observing the defects in their mouths. For example if a patient has an ammonia aroma coming out of their mouth, there is a possibility they have a kidney disease. Dentists can diagnose many illnesses from diabetes to cancer.

A type two diabetic patient can be recognized by their bright red, bleeding gums and their constant bad breath. A sign of osteoporosis can be seen in the accelerated loss of teeth. Tooth erosion and decay could be a sign of two disorders, firstly bulimia, but if the erosion is accompanied by a sour or burning taste it could mean the patient is suffering from reflux disease.

Heart disease can be picked up by your dentist through the observation of inflamed gums, oral infections and excessive cavities. Lastly if white spots are found on the patients gums it could indicate oral cancer. Oral cancer is the most common illness diagnosed by dentists through the symptom of white spots in the gums. Leukemia usually makes the gums fiery red and leaves wounds in the mouth that do not heal.

Although it is great that a dentist can help keep a check on your health their other concern is the cleanliness of your mouth and teeth. Keeping your mouth clean will help dentist make a more accurate diagnosis, as the symptoms in your mouth will not be from lack of hygiene.

Cleaning tips your dentist only seems to know may help you in the long run. Tip number one, cleaning your mouth with hydrogen peroxide can help get rid of harmful bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria can cause infections and bad breath, therefore rinse your mouth with the chemical in a three percent ratio to water. It is important that the chemical is diluted and that you do not swallow the solution.

When it comes to choosing a tooth brush people often wonder if their brush should have straight or angulated bristles. According to dentists the type of bristle is of no importance, what is important is the technique one uses to brush their teeth. It should also be noted that excessive brushing can lead to the harmful erosion of enamel on your teeth. This can cause teeth to break or crack.

One of the dentists main concerns is the amount of sugar a patients teeth has to put up with. Although people are advised to exchange that tasty sweet for a juicy piece of fruit, what they do not realize is that the fruit also contains high amounts of sugar, just natural sugars.

To conclude a visit to the dentist, although uncomfortable, is a very necessary appointment. Dentists help keep you mouth and teeth in a clean and healthy condition. However they can do more than just that, diagnosing an illness in its early stages might just safe your life.

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